Discounts for Floatation Therapy

Floatation therapy is an amazing tool for creating a relaxed and happy community of people

Community Service

At Float Matrix in San Francisco, we value floatation as an amazing tool for making our community a better place to live and want to make it available to all. We offer discounts* for those who serve our community, for low-income earners, as well as trades for needed services. 

We offer a generous 33% discount to those who serve our community with the following careers when they bring in their badges, certificates, or other identifying documents:

  • Nurses
  • Paramedic
  • Firefighters
  • Police
  • Teachers
  • Bodyworkers
  • Farmers
  • Healers
  • Military
  • Veterans

Student Discount

Floatation is also a great tool for students. Research shows that when a student is relaxed, they learn easier, retain better, and test better. We offer a 25% discount* to all students with valid student IDs.

Low Income Discount

Float Matrix recognizes how much stress low-income earners have in trying to meet their day to day needs. We believe that floatation should be available to everybody despite their means and, therefore, have the following sliding scale* for low-income earners when they show qualifying documentation: 

  • $25k - $30k per year = 25% discount
  • $20k - $25k per year = 30% discount 
  • Less than $20k per year = 35% discount

If you offer a service that you think will be valuable as a trade for floatation therapy and sensory deprivation, please contact us and make us an offer. We love trades.

*not to be combined with any other offers or packages, good for services only, head of household only

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