Infrared Sauna:

Increasing the healthy spectrum of light for rapid restoration of the body.

Infrared light has several profound healing affects on the body including detoxification, increased metabolism, circulation, and immune function, as well as regeneration of damaged tissues.

Infrared light penetrates deep where it facilitates restoration of the body.

Elimination of toxins, release of tension, and beautifying the skin are the most cited reasons for the infrared sauna, but there are also many other ways that people use the healing infrared light.

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Eliminate Toxins

Our everyday environment is full of toxins that store in our body robbing us of health and energy. The infrared sauna is proven the best way to rid your body of toxins restoring vitality and health to you.


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Release Tension

Infrared light penetrates deep into your body in a way that a heating pad never could. Let the tension in your muscles simply melt away and feel the pleasure of your body soaking in infrared light.


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Beautify Skin

Skin aging happens when toxins block blood vessels to your skin. Infrared light will detoxify your dermal layers and allow the nutrients to feed your skin making it soft, youthful, and simply beautiful.


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