"Some people compare the feeling to a massage but I think it's better than a massage because every part of the body is being bathed in the salts which provides a more balanced release of tension."
- Nikita D.

"This place is wonderful. I have been several times now and am hooked. The time in the tank is mellow and super relaxing. I discovered that it is after leaving that it has the best effect. I leave there very clear, super alert and wildly relaxed at the same time."
- Mary Anne M.

 "There was nothing dramatic about the time in the tank. No hallucinations or out of body experiences. But, more like a very deep state of relaxation. When the hour was done I felt relaxed and refreshed and laden with salty residue. After the shower I felt good and somewhat normal at first. But the further I got from the experience the better I felt. I felt very awake and alert, my thoughts were clearer, I felt lighter, more aware myself and the world around me and generally at peace. I am told with floating that the experience is one that you can build on and I am interested in seeing what exactly that means."
- Matthew T.

"Saturday June 21st was my 26th birthday. I decided to treat myself to something I should embrace more—Stillness. Silence. The entire experience at Float Matrix was balanced. From the initial greeting to the 'see you soon'. I felt at home. Floating was like exfoliating my mind. Peeling back the layers of suppressed emotions, tense rolled over shoulders and long lasting hours of too much information. A truly great experience and I'll be going back very soon."
- Josh T.

"The most amazing experience I have ever had!!!! This place has truly changed my life. I have floated at least 7 times since then and love every moment of it. My evenings at Float Matrix have truly become a sacred time for my body and my soul. Let me tell you, this is the REAL "me time".

Not only do I recommend Float Matrix for relaxation, I also urge people to use floating as a tool to work through difficult times in life. It really allows your mind to truly think things through without influence. Without resisting to have a similar story to other floaters out there, I have to say if it starts to sound alike it is because it is completely true. Yes, it really is this good!"
- Monica M.

"Highly recommended. Whether you're a strict scientific/intellectual type who's just interested in relaxation and the research-backed physical properties of the tanks, or you're a more spiritual/intuitive type who's interested in the much documented mental and spiritual benefits of floating, I think you'll find that floating will be able to provide you with either or both of those, and perhaps more importantly, a new understanding of and appreciation for the opposite side of things, and a new sense of balance. And isn't that what life is all about?"
- T.I.

"Ever since I saw altered states (William hurt/ken Russell directed) I have been intrigued by isolation tanks (and a few other sensory enhancements) and a present of a few 'floats' from my fiance was a perfect opportunity. The tanks at float matrix are horizontal (not like those that hurt studies in AS) and very clean and comfortable. I am fairly new to the experience, but relish those occasional moments of unusual perception during each float. And have found it immensely relaxing and calming, both during, and after the experience. It is akin to walking on cushions and occasionally heighten sensory perception for a few hours after. I was slightly concerned about being Claustrophobic but this was not an issue in the slightest."
- Ad C.

"if you have never floated before, are an avid floater, or somewhere in between, this is a great place to float. i've floated in a few different places over the years (flotation location in venice, a private home in san francisco, and a spa in bangkok) and i have to say this is the best place i have been. kane (the owner) has created a very simple and beautiful space to relax before and after your floating experience. there is water, light snacks, and room temp. yerba mate for after the float. the ambiance is extremely calming and devoid of a "new age" feeling. the shower is extremely clean and there are lockers to put your valuables in while you float. you are given a robe and slippers so your body remains warm from the time you leave the shower until you reach the flotation tank as well as when you exit the tank and return to the shower room.

also, just a note about floating and the tanks. a lot of people i know and talk to about floating all say they wouldn't be able to handle it and are concerned that they'll be locked in. the door on the samadhi tank is extremely easy to open and you will not get trapped inside. there is also a light you can operate internally if you want to get your bearings or become a little anxious. it is completely worth and although the benefits may not be immediately recognizable (they also might) everyone i know whose floated had notice at least slight differences in their stress levels for days afterwards. all in all, i highly suggest people check out float matrix if they are interested in floating. great space and atmosphere and well located in regard to public transportation. have fun!"
- Vincent S.

"Float matrix is beautiful and clean with outstanding customer service. If you are looking to do a float, I would highly recommend float matrix for its personal service and excellent facilities. As for floating, it is definitely something that needs to be experienced for yourself. I'll be back."
- Kerri K.

"I cant explain what went through my mind at the time but it was very blissful in a way. It was tough the first ten mins trying to adjust to the way i felt. Everyone should try it at least once in there life. I would definitely try it again.."
- James R.

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