First Float Process:

What to expect for your first experience with floatation

 Simply arrive at Float Matrix at the time of the appointment or a few minutes before. You are not required to bring or do anything other than eat a light meal an hour before. It is also recommended not to shave or drink caffeine for a few hours before. 

The first float is almost always the "hardest" float. What sets floatation apart from any other technique is that it allows the mind to "let go", but this can take a while in the first float because there are so many unknowns. A typical first float will begin by entering the float pod and choosing to close the door or leave it propped open as shown in the orientation. Next one will lay back and turn off the light. At this point, most people become intrigued at how easy it is to float and how pleasant the feeling is and will usually bounce around in the float pod for a few minutes before settling in.

The next stage tends to be the most difficult part as one realizes that there is nothing to do. This is where most get fidgety and restless. During this time of feeling restless, simply feeling the breath will help you to relax easier. This period can last from 10 to 20 minutes, but as the Epsom salt relaxes the muscles, the mind begins to relax as well until it "lets go".

Most people will experience a "fluttering" between letting go and coming back which is much like being between waking and sleeping in a conscious dream-state. Organizing thoughts in the normal way is diminished and a less rigid thought process takes over. It is this state that is referred to as the "theta state". It is extremely restorative to the mind and body and is a sure sign that you are deeply relaxed.

When the 1-hour mark is nearing, a person will often sense that their time is almost finished and people tend to get fidgety again. When the hour is up, we will softly tap on the side in case you have fallen asleep. When you are ready, simply sit up keeping your head slightly back so that the salt doesn't enter your eyes, open the door, and exit.

When you first exit the pod, you will feel different. The head will feel a bit light, and their body will feel a bit heavy. Simply make your way to the shower to rinse off. The shower afterwards is when you come back into your senses. and can tell just how relaxed you are. The following few hours will reveal more and more of how wonderful it is to be so profoundly at ease and to have a tool that can get you there.



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