Floatation Therapy

The easiest way to feel like a kid again

The feeling great after a float is from complete elimination of stress. Drastically reducing the stimulis going to the mind and body activates the parasympathetic response. In eliminating light, sound, temperature, and most of gravity, the body's resources are freed to allow this restorative process to accelerate.

Floatation is simply the best way to Eliminate Stress, Relieve Pain, and Completely Relax. In this unique environment one floats in a therapeutic solution of the mineral that is known to cause release in muscles. The back and joints are relieved of the pressure of gravity and decompress which reduces pain and facilitates the healing of tissues.

The result of this amazing experience feeling like you are floating in space is total rejuvenation. Emerging from the float pod one is relaxed and lucid, experiencing heightened sensory awareness and prounounced clarity of mind. It is this specific state that is known to induce moments of creative genius and deep insight providing pathways and solutions to the obstacles we face.

Experience Floatation and emerge feeling like a kid again. The weight off the shoulders, the pressure off the chest, and the light back in the eyes. Allow yourself this wonderful gif of youthfullness.

Experience the Bliss of Floatation!



Eliminate Stress

Floating flushes stress hormones from the body and replaces them with Endorphins.


Pain Relief

When pain has become a way of life, floatation offers a proven technique to relieve suffering.


Total Relaxation

Floatation is renouned for its ability to quickly and consitently produce deep relaxation.


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